The Pancake Parlour

Welcome To Club Rewards

Become a member and start earning points for your local club with every visit to The Parlour in 2019. Compete against other clubs in your local restaurant league for $1,000 cash, or take out The Pancake Parlour Premierflip overall and win $5,000. Plenty of Parlour perks to be won along the way!

how to play

Nominate your club and get your fellow members to join

Dine in-restaurant and earn points for your club. $1 spent = 1 point

Compete against other local clubs for cash prizes

league winner

$1,000 cash

overall winner

$5,000 cash

every 1000 points

$100 worth of vouchers to reward volunteers and high performers

every 5000 points

FREE flip up in-restaurant for up to 100 people worth $1,300*

booking for 10+

+100 points

booking for 20+

+200 points

junior premiership

+100 points

senior premiership

+200 points

schweppes partner

+500 points*